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The Vision

Jim Ratcliffe is one of the UK’s leading international businessmen, and the founder and Chairman of chemicals and energy giant INEOS. A long-time champion of manufacturing, he is now primed to turn his expertise to the automotive sector, as the visionary behind Projekt Grenadier.

As an extreme sports enthusiast and global adventurer, Jim is a long-term admirer of the original Land Rover Defender, and knows the true value of a go anywhere 4×4. When JLR announced it was going to cease production of the Defender in 2016, it left a gap in the market for an uncompromising off-roader, which Jim decided INEOS could fill- thus Projekt Grenadier was born.

This site will share the highlights of the adventure – go explore, sign up, and contribute to the journey…


The Team

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Get Involved

Help us name the car


Help the Projekt Grenadier team to name the new uncompromising offroader, due to be launched in 2020!
Your suggestion will go direct to the team currently designing and engineering the vehicle.

Name the car

Enthusiast survey

Calling all 4x4 enthusiasts

We want your feedback to help us create the best 4x4 in the world. Take our enthusiast survey and help shape the destiny of our new rugged 4x4 vehicle.

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#Projekt Grenadier

Have a design for the next best 4x4 or simply want to show us your awesome 4x4?
Use the hashtag #projektgrenadier to join the conversation.


    Have your say

    We want to hear your views! Over on our Facebook page we’re discussing some of the big questions of four wheel driving, and how our new car can honour the rugged spirit of true offroading. Take a look…


    Why Projekt Grenadier?

    The idea for creating this uncompromising offroader was born in the Knightsbridge pub The Grenadier. This is the first major project for the newly created INEOS Automotive business, and since it’ll be infused with the best of German engineering, we thought Projekt was a fitting title…

    Got ideas for what we should name the finished car? Let us know!